Tips for Success

Tips to Insure Success on Your Alaskan Fishing Vacation !!

Book only full day trips (most guides know when the biggest push of salmon run into the rivers, during each days High Tide Cycle, and will adjust your time on the water to coincide with this prime fishing time.

Half day trips do not allow for this flexability. Full day trips usally cost only a little more than half day trips.
(Enjoy your whole day fishing not heading for the boat dock just when the fish are biting.)

Have the proper License and Tags for your trip. All Fishing in Alaska is covered under a basic Sport Fishing License
EXCEPT you need a KING TAG to FISH for KING SALMON. (Not having the right tags-license will delay the start of your day.)

Fish for the species of fish that you are targeting during that rivers best Salmon run time.
(example)The Kasilof Rivers King Salmon run is better earlier in the season May-June, than the Kenai River which comes into its own in July.(Put the odds in your favor.)

Make sure the Guide you choose has enough experience fishing for the species you are after.
(Many large operations hire young guides that have little experience to draw from if fishing conditions are less than ideal.)

Have your own transportation for your group. This frees up your options if your Guide desires to change areas or to fish for another species.(example) The boat limits out on King Salmon and needs to relocate for Sockeye or Trout fishing. Having your own rental car also allows for better wildlife viewing during late evenings, the very best time for seeing Moose and Bears and other Alaskan Wildlife.

 Listen carefully to your Guides instructions during your fishing trip.
(No one wants you to catch fish more than your Guide.If you need more instruction just ask about anything you didn't quite understand. Before that fish of a lifetime strikes.)

Bring a good Camera, you will want to get good pics of all that Alaska has to offer including your big fish.
(Good Digital Cameras are quite reasonable and can be kept Waterproofed with good ziplock bags.)

Take extra warm clothes.Quality rain suits stop both the rain and cold wind, don't come to Alaska without a good quality rain suit that fits you well.

Waterproof footwear that fits is a must. Gore-tex or rubber.(Cold Wet Feet make for a very bad day.)

Sunglasses to protect your eyes  from glare on the water. And a must for Sockeye Fishing.

Above all don't forget to look around at all of Alaska's Great Scenery and Bountiful Wildlife and enjoy your day.Remember you're fishing in   Alaska!!

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